The nuns of the convent cucendogli will adopt their own clothes like that monk with a hood to hide the deformity 'of which the boy was suffering. So it was that the streets of Naples was called "lu munaciello". The magical powers were attributed until now to get to the legend that all Neapolitans know. Even Mo munaciello died mysteriously.The second hypothesis has it that the Munaciello is the manager of the old water wells that, in many cases, had easy access into homes going through the tunnels which were used to lower the bucket. I was teasing them, to me, 'cause the owners of the well were provided to pay for his services.Still remains the mystery of this character often associated with evil part of the human soul to the devil that lurks and that and 'always ready to seize us and that the Neapolitans always try to avoid.The character referred to as 'A Beautiful' Mbriana, however, represents the good spirit. It 'a kind of anti-munaciello. Having this presence in the home means being and health. And 'represented as a beautiful woman very well dressed compared to the fairy tales of children. It 's also known Meriana or' Mmeriana.The etymological derivation comes from the Latin sundial whose shadow indicates Marian almost to represent a shade under their heads, or points out the significance of being ethereal. A testimony of the Neapolitans to this figure, and 'very common surname in Naples Imbriani arising precisely from' Mbriana.Last important detail: in the house should always leave an empty chair 'cause could enter' A beautiful 'Mbriana and sit to rest. If all chairs were occupied our Amica could go away with all the miseries arising from non-hospitality '!
'O Munaciello & 'A Bella 'Mbriana
No doubt Munaciello is the character more 'named and most' feared by the Neapolitans. This represents the mischievous sprite and bizarre, with its unpredictable behavior, it is the entity 'more' mentioned in the legends. Mischievous behavior often accompany benign "legacies" in cash. In this case we must not tell anyone about the incident, the fury of Munaciello penalty against us. It 's not an uncommon behavior in the presence of rattuso young and beautiful women. There are two hypotheses on its origin:The first hypothesis takes the beginning of the whole event around the year 1445 during the Aragonese kingdom. The beautiful Catherine Frezza, daughter of a wealthy cloth merchant, falls in love with handsome Stephen Mariconda, a boy. Of course the love between the two and 'strongly opposed. As fate would have ended in tragedy. Stephen was murdered in the place of their meetings secret while Catherine is locked up in a convent. A few months will see a child from Catherine.