He was born February 19, 1953 in San Giorgio a Cremano, a small town four miles from Naples. It grows in a large family in her own home, in fact, live, in addition to his parents and his five brothers, two grandfathers, uncles and their five children. As a student he became interested in theater, beginning to play in a theater group "The Saracens", whose members Lello Arena and Enzo Decaro, Valeria Pezza and Nico Mucci. In 1972 the same group he founded the Space Center Theater in a former garage in San Giorgio a Cremano, where in principle they would send in the tradition of the Neapolitan theater scene, daViviani to Eduardo. In 1977 comes the Grimace: Troisi, Decaro Arena and begin to recite the Sancarluccio of Naples and the theatrical success soon turn into a big TV success. Chronologically, however, success comes on the radio with "Sincerely together" and later on television in 1976 with the program "Do not Stop" and in 1979 with the TV show "Luna Park". Those years are sketches of the Ark of Noah, the Annunciation, the Soldiers of San Gennano among others. The last theatrical performance de grimace is the way it is (if you like). From 1981 to begin the adventure Maximus also in theaters with the first film in which director and star "Groundhog Day Three." A real triumph of critics and audiences. In 1984 alongside dell'irresistibile Benigni, both as director and as actor in the movie "We just have to cry." E 'of 1985 but the curious interpretation of "Hotel Colonial" by Cinzia Torrini. After two years (1987) and is once again personally committed to, behind and in front of the camera with the film "The ways of the Lord are over". Three films by Ettore Scola see it in recent years engaged again as an actor: "Splendor" (1989), "What Time Is It" (1989), which won him the award for best actor (in tandem with Marcello Mastroianni) the International Film Festival of Venice, "The Voyage of Captain Bash" (1990). With "I thought it was love ... but it was a buggy" (1991) which he also wrote and starred in, Troisi signed her fifth film directing. On June 4, 1994, in Ostia (Rome), Troisi died in his sleep because of his bad heart, twenty-four hours after finishing the filming of "Il Postino" director Michael Radford, the film that he loved most.
An actor, director and screenwriter Italian, best remembered for being the exponent of the new Neapolitan comedy (brought to the fore by the theater group The Grimace in the second half of the seventies), together with Lello Arena and Enzo Decaro.
In 1996 he was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay for the film The Postman. Disappeared prematurely, to forty years for a fatal heart attack, resulting in rheumatic fever he suffered from the age of twelve years.

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