Ricomincio da Tre

Regista: Massimo Troisi
Attori: Massimo Troisi, Lello Arena, Fiorenza Marchegiani, Lino Troisi, Marco Messeri, Marta Bifani, Renato Scarpa
Genere: Commedia
Durata: 109 minuti
Anno: 1981

'Ricomincio da tre' is the film that sees the onset of Troisi in the film as a writer, actor and director. Mounted with a budget of 400 million 'was a movie event. E 'and remained for 600 days in the halls of the cinema' Jewel 'in Rome.

Gaetano, a young Neapolitan, decides to leave for Florence, not as an emigrant, as he often asked, but for travel and new experiences, tired of the monotonous life and family-style tradizionalee start from scratch, even three 'cause three good things he had done and did not intend rinuciarvi. In a clinic where it happens by chance, he met Martha (Fiorenza Marchegiani) and falls in love ... but is disappointed when they discover a relationship with a young man of the latter. Back in Naples understands that the past does not belong to him more 'and return to Martha from which accepts a child while not knowing if it was really the father ...

No grazie, il caffè mi rende nervoso.

Regista: Lodovico Gasparini
Attori: Massimo Troisi, Lello Arena, Maddalena Crippa, Anna Campori
Genere: Commedia
Durata: 111 minuti
Anno: 1982
'No grazie, il caffè mi rende nervoso', sees for the first time Troisi's not working for a film even if the subject and part of the script belonged to him. The plot 'as follows: during the Naples Film Festival arrives New death threats to some players, these threats following the murders by an elusive' Funniculì Funniculà 'that absolutely does not want that change to keep it as it was Naples. Massimo Troisi stars as himself in the role of one of these victims, and Lello Arena, the murderer, embodies an editor of the Morning of Naples, in charge of obituaries and wants at all costs to save the purity of the Neapolitan and Neapolitan tradition, steeped in folklore, music and dramatics.

Morto troisi, viva Troisi

Regista: Massimo Troisi
Attori: Massimo Troisi, Lello Arena, Carlo Verdone, Renzo Arbore, Maurizio Nichetti, Roberto Benigni
Genere: Commedia
Durata: ---
Anno: 1982
This film directed by Troisi was considered a game between friends who now knows eerie premonition:

Dead Troisi, viva Troisi!, Film for the special dedicated to him from the television ... What do you laugh?, Set in an imaginary board for artists from which (falsely) aged "fellow snacks" like Benigni, Lello Arena, Maurizio Nichetti, Renzo Arbore and Carlo Verdone provided a memory of their late friend Max to an imaginary interviewer initially erring on the ironic platitudes, and then jokingly vent in envy and rancor towards his friend ... vent or jokingly envy and resentment against the friend ...

Scusate il ritardo

Regista: Massimo Troisi
Attori: Massimo Troisi, Lello Arena, Giuliana De Sio, Lina Polito, Franco Acampora, Olimpia Di Maio
Genere: Commedia
Durata: 112 minuti
Anno: 1983

In his second outing as a director Troisi wrote the screenplay with Anna Pavignano

Filmed in 1983 to two years away from the extremely successful - Groundhog three-film tells the story of Vincent (Massimo Troisi) and his affair with Anna (Giuliana De Sio), he is a thirty year old full of uncertainties, unemployed person who lives live with her while her sister is married to Patricia and his brother Alfredo is a comedian and said we would envy. But she is a girl fresh from a love affair gone bad (or as she says: "Just finished") seeking someone to love, in parallel there is also the story of Tonino (Lello Arena) desperate (the girl l 'has just left) friend of Vincent.

The film told so it would seem equal to a thousand others, to make it special we think a very good Massimo Troisi as always with his grace and his acting makes it more 'attractive.

Non ci resta che piangere

Regista: Massimo Troisi e Roberto Benigni
Attori: Massimo Troisi, Roberto Benigni, Iris Peynado, Amanda Sandrelli, Carlo Monni, Livia Venturini, Elisabetta Pozzi, Jole Silvani
Genere: Commedia
Durata: 111 minuti
Anno: 1984
This film was written and directed by Roberto Benigni and Massimo Troisi.

Parties by car from Frittolo, a village near Florence, Xavier (R. Benigni), a primary school teacher, and Mario (M. Troisi), janitor, get together for a strange twist of the event in 1492. They decide to go to Palos, in Andalusia, to stop and prevent it from Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas. Also meet Leonardo da Vinci invented the train. Simple, fun, anemic, no thick, puts to use all the sympathy and the inspiration of the 2 main characters, authors (with Giuseppe Bertolucci)-actors-directors. In terms circus,

Benigni is the clown, the Augustus Troisi. Benigni and Troisi have made ??a masterpiece with this movie and over time have improved and then evolved separately and have also improved their repertoire with two masterpieces like 'The Postman' and 'Life is Beautiful'.

Le vie del signore sono finite....

Regista: Massimo Troisi e Roberto Benigni
Attori: Massimo Troisi, Jo Champa, Marco Messeri, Enzo Cannavale, Massimo Bonetti, Clelia Rondinella
Genere: Commedia
Durata: 84 minuti
Anno: 1987
A small masterpiece of feelings, passions, life everyday with a background of soft music, colored, wraparound composed by Pino Daniele.

Twenty years, I'inizio Fascist era. Camillo has a barber salon, where she lives cared for by his brother Leo, and is the focus of an intricate story of love with Victoria, a young Frenchman who lives in town. As his friend Orlando, Camillo is immobilized on a wheelchair, but this handicap living in an opposite way. For the first, really lame from birth, immobility represents marginalization and underachievement. To Camillo instead, whose illness has psychosomatic origins, the wheelchair is above all a ploy to get others to do what they want by leveraging the pity.

A more ambitious films of the past, where Troisi straparla by bringing Svevo, Freud and psychoanalysis. Soundtrack by Pino Daniele.

Hotel Colonial

Regista: Cinzia Th Torrini
Attori: John Savage, Robert Duvall, Anna Galiena, Massimo Troisi, Rachel Ward, Claudio Baez, Zaide Gutierrez.
Genere: Thriller
Durata: 117 minuti
Anno: 1986
A film of intrigue, ambiguity, do not jump truth that never go out and running along the path of a compelling story.

Vernieri Marco (John Savage) is begged by his sister Frances (Anna Galiena), desperate to go to Colombia to retrieve the body of her husband, brother Mark, who was killed in a small hotel in Colombia. Mark's party without knowing anything about the life of his brother, which happens to be a former terrorist on the run from Italy for having betrayed his comrades. At the sight of the corpse Marco realizes that it is not that of his brother and believes that they both still and gets on his research. Awaits an adventure travel between the various caveats, inhospitable environments and poor people of Colombia. He meets an Italian, Werner (Massimo Troisi) who helps him find Carrasco (Robert Duvall) Colonial hotel owner, addicted to illegal activity turns out to be his brother Luke ....

A film by Cinzia Torrini where Troisi plays the part of Werner, an Italian fisherman who leads a solitary life in the hope one day to return to Naples


Regista: Ettore Scola
Attori: Massimo Troisi, Marcello Mastroianni, Marina Vlady, Paolo Panelli
Genere: Commedia
Durata: 119 minuti
Anno: 1988
Contemporary at Cinema Paradiso Tornatore, the film is inspired by Scola also the crisis of cinema in Italy, but in a more messy, much less "poetic", sostazialmente just succeed in the global relationship between intentions and results.

Jordan, owner of a cinema in Arpino, is forced to close for lack of viewers and will sell the local supermarket. The man thinks back on his life, all tied to that room, while his projectionist, "fanatic" of cinema, takes refuge in a fictitious way populated by stars of the screen. And the reality of the demolition triggers the dream of one last miracle.

Is 'the first of three films (judged by critics one of the worst evidence of this film) directed by Massimo Troisi, directed by Ettore Scola. After realizing Splendor, between Troisi and Mastroianni s'instaurò a particular feeling and asked the two of them still work with Scola.

Che ora è

Regista: Ettore Scola
Attori: Massimo Troisi, Marcello Mastroianni, Lou Castel, Renato Moretti, Anne Parillaud
Genere: Commedia
Durata: 102 minuti
Anno: 1989
What time is it definitely belongs to a good art films and is a movie where, in addition to the immeasurable Mastroianni, stands the figure of Massimo Troisi, who among the comedians of previous generations, is certainly the closest bittersweet humor Ettore Scola.

Rinaldi Marcello (Mastroianni) is a lawyer in his sixties, who has success and money, while his son Michael (Troisi) is a thirty serious and shy, arts graduate, who is ending his military service in Civitavecchia. Driven by the desire to find his son dialogue that was always impossible, Marcello goes with him to spend a whole day, and just met him, to ingratiate himself, tells him of having made two gifts: a luxury car and a beautiful penthouse in Rome. But the young man just proves embarrassing for these gifts, while later it is happy for a gift more modest silver watch, which belonged to his grandfather railroad, and that reminds him of the happy moments of his childhood. Michael has big aspirations for the future, but certainly want to choose for themselves their way. The intrusiveness and possessiveness of her father irritate him, so the two, who do not understand, often quarreling, while hours of this long day spent slowly. Marcello knows he does not really know his son, and to be his was too far away for work, so now he constantly questions, to get to understand it. It should also lead to the home of Loredana, a girl, with whom the young man has a bond, and in his absence, makes them very indiscreet questions. Finally, father and son go to a bar, where Michael is at home, among friends of modest condition, and, seeing him in such companies, the father is left disappointed. Then Marcellus, who was always jealous of attachment to the mother of his son, tells him of her alleged infidelity, occurred many years earlier, causing the indignation of the young, who leaves immediately. The old lawyer then went to the station waiting for the train to Rome. Michael joins him unexpectedly, and pulled out his watch his grandfather, the father invites him to do the trick childhood: "What time is it?"The film focuses everything on this difficult relationship between father and son, very different and far apart so that they could hardly fail to recognize when they meet.

Il viaggio di capitan Fracassa

Regista: Ettore Scola
Attori: Ornella Muti, Vincent Perez, Emmanuelle Beart, Massimo Troisi, Claudio Amendola, Massimo Wertmuller, Tosca D'aquino, Remo Girone, Ciccio Ingrassia,
Genere: Commedia
Durata: 128 minuti
Anno: 1990
European epic adapted from "The Captain Bash" by Theophile Gautier (1863) adapted by Vincenzo Cerami, Fulvio Ottaviano and Silvia Scola and scripted by the director Furio Scarpelli.

To reach the court of Paris, the penniless Baron Sigognac (Vincent Perez) joins a troupe of actors including Troisi embodying the mask of Pulcinella. It is the total initiation life, love, the theater, which turns it into the mask of bravado Captain Bash. The strolling players embark on an adventurous journey between the counties of the ancient world, and the noble baron surrender to the House to devote himself exclusively to art.

A road-movie adventure and fiction, where the world is all wrapped up in the theater and the theater is surrounded by big screen as in a game of Chinese boxes. Efebo gold in 1990. i find no more points of orientation.

Pensavo fosse amore invece era un calesse

Regista: Massimo Troisi
Attori: Massimo Troisi, Francesca Neri, Angelo Orlando, Marco Messeri, Natalia Bizzi, Alessia Salustri, Nuccia Fumo
Genere: Romantico
Durata: 115 minuti
Anno: 1991
With this film Massimo Troisi has returned to directing after 4 years of absence."It 'a film about love but not love. In the movies I've done before there were stories of love as a support to other situations and for three years I had it in his head instead of doing a film on everything' Love ... What is a science fiction film, not only because the characters talk about feelings, but all the others, even the extras, even if those passing shot. " Troisi.

He manager of a restaurant, a bookstore near you, Thomas and Cecilia live together and, as you say, love. But on the eve of the wedding, for which he worked Amedeo, an intellectual friend of Thomas, the woman refuses the ceremony, accusing Thomas of laziness and treachery. That marriage did not have to do. Dismay and jealousy of the young man, in a city like Naples, where everything and everyone from parking attendants to begin a second blind old cliche seem to feel the love as life's purpose. Failure to groom macerates in suffering; rant with Amedeo (waiting to marry Flora), ignores the passion of a young girl (Clare, sister of his friend), who tries to poison and for love, when he learns that his ex-wife has a lover, Aeneas consults a witch. Enea is a solar-like and weird, because Thomas is lazy, introverted and this has mesmerized the beautiful Cecilia. At a certain moment Aeneas reveals also generous: he knew that deep down she still loves her boyfriend and these leaves, as long as knows says make her happy. It disappears leaving for Afirica. While preparing for the second time the wedding, Thomas sees with renewed fears that, to be honest, love is lacking. Do not go to the wedding ceremony, as if he were terrified: she seeks after his wife is waiting in front of the altar and finds himself in a bar. Thomas said "that a man and a woman are actually the least able to contract marriage."

The film is crossed by lengths of pairs of common life, showing all the different facets of love, Requests, fears, accusations, regrets. Moreover, the film aims to do just that: Trying to make things clear and watch the love from several points of view. Public success. The soundtrack is by Pino Daniele.

Is 'one of the most important films of a great actor and director, whose untimely death can only regret it and never took the further artistic growth, but not obscure its absolute value.

Il Postino

Regista: Michael Redford -- Massimo Troisi
Attori: Massimo Troisi, Philippe Noiret, Mariagrazia Cucinotta, Linda Moretti,Renato Scarpa, Anna Bonaiuto, Mariano Rigilli
Genere: Drammatico
Durata: 115 minuti
Anno: 1994
I love Max 'so this story to want to make the film, being led by a British director, although his poor health would permit. Between takes, and another is helping with the oxygen in respiration. In fact in many scenes, especially those who see him in biciclietta, we had it replaced by a stunt double.

Summer 1952: a small island in the Gulf of Naples is exiled South American poet Pablo Neruda (Philippe Noiret). The poet befriends a postman Mario Ruoppolo (Massimo Troisi). With the poems of Neruda, Mario wins the beautiful landlady Beatrice (Maria Grazia Cucinotta) who eventually marries. Best man was the poet who, during the banquet, he received news of the end of his exile. The poet returns to his homeland and Mario waits in vain for news of him. Mario died during a clash between police and ultra-communists (he had been invited to a congress communist to read a poem he had written in honor of Pablo Neruda). Neruda returns to the island five years later and learns from Beatrice's death of Mario.

The last film Massimo Troisi (whose death immediately after the end of the shoot wraps the movie of emotion that is difficult not to "blackmail"). At its maximum output was not present, we leave 'for good two days after the last Ciack ... He was nominated for an Oscar. He was one of the most 'likely winners, but the jury, the Academy Awards, perhaps irritated throughout the brawl around the film or to maintain a decent respect, it decided not to reward the movie he Massimo .. leaving us all his supporters in a state of deep bitterness.

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